Success Stories

MARKETING STRATEGY: Established entire marketing foundation with strategic and tactical application in all marketing areas including communications, messaging, subscription services, collateral, writing, brand identity and look and feel, web design, sales and service programs, target marketing and profiling, partner and alliance programs, customer service and inside sales, customer retention, VIP programs, media relations and PR with dramatic results in just 9 months!

NEW SERVICES LAUNCH AND MANAGEMENT: Defined new global service business lines and strategic business plans to drive growth to existing customers through value add services, helping to retain customers and add revenue streams to business. Two business lines contributed $35M in sales and new business, fastest growth in the global professional services organization.

SALES: Established and directed outbound telesales program that contributed to 97% of total revenues and grew corporate revenues from $2 million to $40 million in only 4 years!

BRAND AND SERVICES M&A INTEGRATION: Lead new branding and launch for acquisition of digital media services within multimillion business through an orchestrated marketing campaign that included renaming company, PR, customer events, tradeshows, presentations, brand management and logo, creative materials, new website and email programs. Result for the business in first year was doubled the size of the business and acquired largest consumer brand as a client.

TARGET MARKETING: In one year, launched identity update campaign by creating and executing new look and feel strategy for company with established market presence by moving perceptions through target marketing programs that defined advanced technologies and capabilities.

PARTNERSHIP: Negotiated customer and partner programs at senior executive level, including closing large volume contracts for committed relationships at the nation’s leading banks and multi-million dollar financial organizations.

M&A COMMUNICATIONS PLAN: Provided strategic definition, planning of corporate communications, sales operations and planned integration for successful multi-million merger.

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY PLANS: Improved marketing impact through organization restructure that decreased costs by 28% in one year with revenue growth of 45% same year.

BUSINESS PLANNING: Evaluation of market opportunity with infrastructure recommendations to capture revenue while building foundation for growth.

CUSTOMER RETENTION: Defined customer successful retention strategy based on lifetime customer value and applied Net Promoter Score ranking to target customers for additional service programs, as well as create retraction campaigns for new revenues.